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Come where the service counts. American Page Network is located at 701 Martin Luther King Pkwy.

  • Local, Regional, and National Coverage
  • Many Styles and Colors
  • NO Credit Check
  • No service contract
  • Voice Mail
  • Internet Paging
  • 24 hours Service and Support
  • Daily Pick-up & Delivery Locally

Our Paging Server IP has changed to

Anyone using the SNPP Client needs to click on Configure, the Services and change the IP address from to

Instant Internet paging while on line

New Internet Paging Client!

Page Multiple People, Groups and Logging!

Just download this Free internet paging software    650k

Click here to download the Free internet paging software.

You will need it to extract this file.
If you don't have Winzip. Here is a link to


Receive messages from anyone, anywhere, via the Internet! American Page integrates paging and internet technologies to put you in touch with your clients, office, friends, and family. Receive messages directly from the Internet or as E-Mail messages sent to your alpha pager. 


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